Mixtape Hope

Javier Olondo

April 04, 2022 Drs. Luis and Andrea Espinoza Season 2 Episode 5
Mixtape Hope
Javier Olondo
Show Notes

When life, talent and passion truly harmonize, that is where you find purpose. 
Javier Olondo shares all of it with so many here in New Orleans as well as around the world!
His talent as a musician and performer is grounded in family and community.
Listen as we speak to such an amazing human as he energizes this episode and shares what truly drives him. 
Asheson, his band is only one of the many many ways he creates sound and beauty.
A classical guitarist, producer, entrepreneur, father, husband, professor, community  leader and voice for so many meaningful initiatives, he brings life to everything he touches!

Creator and host of Que Pasa New Orleans, you can hear and find him… everywhere! 

Listen and be inspired! 

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