Mixtape Hope

Tyron Benoit

April 18, 2022 Drs. Luis and Andrea Espinoza Season 2 Episode 6
Mixtape Hope
Tyron Benoit
Show Notes

You can write it in lyrics but LOVE is meant to be LIVED.
This week’s guest, Tyron Benoit defines himself as “Marine, actor, guitarist, keyboardist, accordion player, singer, and songwriter”.
And he lives the love he wishes to share. 
Listen how he serves and steps into his purpose as a father, husband, son and performer daily-bringing joy to our community near and far.
We are elated to share this time with such a talented and decorated human.
His music is so unique-so much so that he has coined a new word for it..Psychedeaux!

Look out for his record being released this year and know what HOME truly means to him.
His light will inspire you and his music will move you!