Mixtape Hope

The Better Together Band

May 02, 2022 Drs. Luis and Andrea Espinoza Season 2 Episode 7
Mixtape Hope
The Better Together Band
Show Notes

Life and Music.

Where we start and those we find along this journey matter.  Leaning on each other as we walk this path, the lyrics, the melody and the rhythm bring us together.

The Better Together Band is in studio listening to each other and sharing our journey with YOU.
We open up about OUR HEALING and OUR WHY in being vulnerable putting in the time, having fun, coming together and sharing our talents for a greater purpose.

Coming at you from OUR HOME, New Orleans and forged out of the Covid pandemic- 
WE ARE better together!

Band members: Luis Espinoza (vocalist, guitar), Noelle Young (vocalist),  David Vasquez (drummer) Sedrick Hawkins (saxophone, vocals and keys), Scott Schlegel (guitar, vocals), Kevin McCormack (vocals, guitar and keys) and Andrea Espinoza (bassist).

HOPE (if you listen) IS all around us.