Mixtape Hope

Big Freedia

July 18, 2022 Drs. Luis and Andrea Espinoza Season 2 Episode 12
Mixtape Hope
Big Freedia
Show Notes

Big Freedia!
Synonymous  with charm, creativity, energy and BOUNCE.
Big Freedia shared with us her journey beginning in gospel music. 
Like a mustard seed growing beyond limitations, she fueled her passion for growth with family, faith and community!
Singer-song writer, producer, entrepreneur, activist, entertainer, creator, influencer, chef and much more, it’s difficult to imagine how she does it all. She explains that HOPE and RESILIENCE motivates her. 
The same hope that anyone from here can feel…as if it’s part of our soul. And anyone visiting New Orleans can only try to put into words. 
Sit down with us as she unfolds the beautiful tapestry that is BIG FREEDIA.