Mixtape Hope

Dave And Sandy Furano

August 22, 2022 Drs. Luis and Andrea Espinoza Season 3 Episode 1
Mixtape Hope
Dave And Sandy Furano
Show Notes

Rarely do stories come through with as much passion and charm as in this interview! 
What an amazing couple we share time with-Sandy and Dave Furano open up about their life in music and the business of musical healing.
From the legendary Winterland venue  in San Francisco, the stories of the early days on the road with bands, the advent of the concert “merch” industry and SO much more, with every step..there was Dave Furano.
They speak of LOVE, HOPE, dedication to each other and our responsibility as humans to cultivate PEACE. What better way than to unpack one the most powerful tools we have to disarm division-MUSIC! 

Check them out HERE as our first and amazing guests of Season 3!
Also look out for them at a Rock & Brews near you!!