Mixtape Hope

Ryan Guldemond-GLDMTH

January 31, 2023 Drs. Luis and Andrea Espinoza Season 3 Episode 4
Mixtape Hope
Ryan Guldemond-GLDMTH
Show Notes

Being present.  Honoring the opportunity to be alive.
Cortisol and the communion with nature.
Photo Walks and Family. 
Breaking down walls-sometimes with the beauty of a hug. 
Knowing and stepping INTO our triggers. 

Ryan Guldemond of MOTHER MOTHER sits with us in a very personal interview to breakdown his solo album-GLDMTH. 

A unique blending of senses and expression, this album is a MUST.  
Every track is like a journey into MINDFULNESS.

Lean in. Listen carefully. 
Allow yourself to be moved by the presence of this truly brilliant human. 

 Thank you Ryan…